An insured can recover damages from their insurance broker if the broker does not advise of changes to the insured’s insurance status following a move out of the family home

10. August 2010 0
An insurance broker was found liable for failing to advise insured of change in her insurance needs following her moving out from the family home. Beck Estate v. Johnston, Meier Insurance Agencies Ltd., [2010] B.C.J. No. 972, May 21, 2010, British Columbia Supreme Court, S.A. Griffin J. (In Chambers)

An insurer’s right to subrogate under a standard mortgage clause requires that the insurer has no liability to the mortgagor

01. February 2010 0
Insurer’s right to subrograte under Standard Mortgage Clause requires fulfillment of two preconditions, (1) the insurer must make payment of the loss award, or part of it, to the mortgagee; and (2) the insurer must establish a claim that it has no liability to the mortgagor. Pinder v. Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Co. (Lindsay), [2009] O.J. No. ...