In Ontario, a person injured in a motor vehicle accident does not have to seek compensation from third parties

01. October 2009 0
An insured under the uninsured coverage provisions of Ontario’s standard O.A.P. 1 is only disentitled to recover under the uninsured coverage in O.A.P. 1 based on the negligence of an insured joint tortfeasor where the joint tortfeasor’s insurer admits liability to pay or where the insured obtained a judgment against the joint tortfeasor. Loftus v. ...

Concealing a leased vehicle could void the insurance

The client of an Insured did not conceal her vehicle from the Insurer when she parked it several blocks from her residence in order to avoid repossession. MFI Mobil Finance (2006) Inc. v. Insurance Corp. of British Columbia, [2009] B.C.J. No. 1009, April 14, 2009, British Columbia Provincial Court, S.D. Dley Prov. Ct. J.

A vague extension offer can extend an insurance contract without premiums

Plaintiff Insurance Broker sought a Declaration that it was not liable to pay the Defendants, an insurance company and an insurance broker, premiums for an extension of insurance coverage. The Plaintiff also sought $100,000 in general damages for intentional interference with its economic relations and $50,000 in special damages. Application allowed in part. M.B. Kouri Insurance ...