Claim for unidentified motorist’s coverage denied under insured’s policy of motor vehicle insurance

On summary judgment application court dismissing insured’s claim for coverage under the unidentified driver provisions of his policy of motor vehicle insurance.

Insurance law – Automobile insurance – Unidentified motorist

Ding (Litigation Guardian of) v. John Doe[2016] O.J. No. 1393, 2016 ONSC 1690, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, March 15, 2016, S.N. Lederman J.

The action arose out of a motor vehicle accident. The insured sought damages from his insurer pursuant to the unidentified driver provisions of the insured’s policy of motor vehicle insurance. The insurer brought a motion for summary judgment to dismiss the action on the grounds that there was no unidentified vehicle that caused or contributed to the accident and, accordingly, there was no obligation to pay any claim pursuant to those provisions.

The insured was a driver of a van that collided with a guard rail causing heavy front end damage to the front bumper area of the vehicle. The insured claimed he was attempting to change lanes when a tractor trailer looked like it was entering his lane so he swerved to avoid it, spun out and struck the guard rail head on. The court ultimately did not accept the insured’s evidence and the court granted summary judgment dismissing the insured’s claim.

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